The best freshly baked waffles of Amsterdam

wicked waffles

“Weekends are for waffles”


a waffle for everyone

the original

Beloved by young and old, our classic waffle instantly takes you back to your grandmother's kitchen. It is crispy on the outside, yet light and fluffy on the inside. Nostalgia never tasted so good!

plant based

This waffle is a great alternative for guests who are living a plant based lifestyle. It's made with rice milk instead of dairy and that's not all: our vegan waffle is also gluten free and nut free. How cool is that?

more than 30 toppings

Be as creative as you possibly can be and create a waffle that will satisfy both your tummy and your instagram

bacon babes

We are the best waffle house of Amsterdam, but we’re also known for our signature dish Bacon Babes Classic. We wrap three eggs with our scrumptious bacon, which we grill to perfection in our oven.

Feeling decadent today? Try our Bacon Babes Deluxe, stuffed with avocado and topped with grilled cheddar cheese.

Bacon Babes are served with bread, butter and a spicy sriracha sauce on the side