we're wicked but also good

Formerly known as Brunchroom

Wicked Waffles originally started out in 2016 as Brunchroom; a breakfast and lunch restaurant with a seasonal menu. Brunchroom was a concept created from the love for food and the passion for cooking. It served foods and drinks that were exciting and adventurous, with flavor combinations not easily found elsewhere.

It had a strong focus on eggs from the oven and of course the freshly baked waffles, with many different toppings to choose from. The vegan waffle in particular gained quite a loyal following and guests with a plant based lifestyle kept coming back for more.

Brunchroom was funded with crowdfunding, meaning that it was financed bank independently and build on the support of many friends, family and locals from the neighbourhood.

Described by many as their ‘second living room’ it was a place where friends meet up, locals started their day with a cup of coffee, business deals were made and where first dates nervously shared a waffle.

But all good things must come to an end.

Building a reputation

It didn’t take long for Brunchroom to become the #1 breakfast spot in Amsterdam (source: TripAdvisor) and at it’s peak moment it was listed as #13 of all the restaurants in our fine city. Brunchroom received it’s first Certificate of Excellence in 2018 which marked an important milestone in terms of guest satisfaction.

Our guests enjoyed all the foods and drinks from the seasonal menus, however, the freshly baked waffles have always been a favorite from the start. The great variety in toppings to choose from ensured that every visitor was able to find something that they liked, ranging from sweet to savory, crunch to cream and everything in between. We realized that the key to our success and growth was building on from what we knew best: baking made to order waffles with only the best ingredients, served with toppings that differentiate in flavor, texture and pricing.

New name, same game

As of April 2019 we continued under a new name, to better reflect the products that we serve to our lovely guests. Wicked Waffles is described by many as the best waffle house of the city and we strive to satisfy all who visit us to give our pancakes-with-abs a try.

We wouldn’t be successful if we hadn’t taken some things from Brunchroom with us to the new concept Wicked Waffles. The most popular smoothies and coffee specialties can still be enjoyed today. And besides our wonderful waffles we also serve our signature dish Bacon Babes Classic. Three eggs wrapped with our scrumptious bacon, grilled to perfection in our oven. Feeling decadent? Try our Bacon Babes Deluxe, stuffed with avocado and topped with grilled cheddar cheese.

Both Bacon Babes Classic and Bacon Babes Deluxe are served with bread, butter and a spicy sriracha sauce on the side. Great for those who want to enjoy something else than waffles!

The area and surroundings

Wicked Waffles is located in the vibrant Eastern Docks area of Amsterdam, where old and modern architectural styles seamlessly blend together. In close proximity to the restaurant you will find art and design stores such as De Werkwinkel and lovely boutique shops like NJAG (Not Just A Gift).

Just around the corner, at the end of the street, you’ll find the iconic windmill De Gooyer which is a popular destination for both locals and visitors.

Enjoy a 10 minute stroll down the newly renovated boulevard to visit the Maritime Museum, which houses one of the largest and most prominent maritime collections in the world.

If you are with kids – or feeling adventurous in general – make sure to go on board of the VOC ship ‘The Amsterdam’. It lies on the quay of the museum and you’ll get a glimpse of what it was like during the Golden Age.